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about khambi finance

Khambi Finance was established in 2012 by Mongezi Kheswa after he noticed a gap in the financial services market. He realized that there is a target market that most if not all big financial institutions neglect or don't pay that much attention to, and he took advantage of that. We have at least two mobile consultants that attend to our client's needs anywhere they are, at anytime during working hours (Mon-Fri 08:30am - 17:00pm).

Mission Statement

We aim to provide superior financial solution to each and everyone of our clients in the most professional manner possible by attending to their individual needs.


We want to be recognized as one of the best payday loan and short-term loan providers in the country by continuing to offer unsurpassed quality service to our clients.

Our Core Values

We believe in helping our clients, hence we partnered with reputable and accredited financial advisors and debt councilers to provide help should it be needed.